who we serve

In today's complex, fast-paced world, everyone is a traveler, and every moment is an opportunity for discovery of an authentic experience. Who owns the story of a destination, and who can tell it best? At Guidrr®, we believe we're all in this together - travel brands, influencers and locals. Quietly working at the intersect of online influence and brand outreach, we've found a beautiful way to enable all the stakeholders in a destination to work together and produce results.  

  • We Serve Destination Brands: As the world becomes increasingly more complex, and layered, every peer citizen is a natural ambassador for local regions, neighborhoods and businesses. With Guidrr as an enabling tool, cities & regions, DMOs, CVB's and their brand agency partners can put storytelling into the hands of influencers & deliver instant, measurable results. We recognize that engaging the right way with peer influencers can unlock the promise of a destination. Enabling real-time development and deployment of influencer-created experiences using the Guidrr platform and app allows destination brands some powerful benefits. Instead of paying simply for passing impressions, they can effectively micro-target, create story-telling and engagement, and enable genuine, measurable conversion. Learn more 

  • We Serve Travel Influencers: We serve an emerging future travel industry gatekeepers - online influencers with peer trust, and valuable knowledge, assets and skills to share. We help them share experiences about destinations and help them partner with destination brands & brand partners. Putting powerful mobile channels into the hands of those with genuine traveler influence, we create new reasons for cities and regions to grow. Learn more.