See you at #WITS16! Guidrr Sponsors Women Creators Event in California

Guidrr's team has been following the journey of She's Wanderful, a blog site founded by Beth Santos, who we think is a woman business owner to know in the peer influencer travel space.

Every year, Beth and her team gather bloggers for WITS (Women in Travel Summit) and this year, we're not just watching - but also a startup sponsor of the event taking place in Irvine, California

There's about 5 good reasons we really like WITS - and why we chose to invest in being a part of this amazing event despite it stretching our startup wallet. It's for some of the same reasons we work so hard to support women creators on the Guidrr app. We appreciate and support content creators who put themselves out there to produce beautiful, personal, original views of how to travel and experience our whole wide world. 

So here's our five reasons WITS is so awesome - wouldn't you agree? 

1. WITS is authentic. WITS is female-founded, female-run and oh-so-honest. Did we mention it's so down to earth that women will post on the WITS forum to find room mates and driving buddies to make it down for the event? 

2. WITS creates community. We love it when travel brands treat people like the real assets not just a side thought. Just like Guidrr is all about creators, so is the WITS team and process. They really stand by their efforts to build a support a true community of like-minded writers, producers, photographers and more. 

3. WITS attendees are a little travel obsessed. Not everyone sighs with happiness at the sight of a plane ticket like they do a new pair of shoes. Only one travel-obsessed person knows another. We know you'll find us and chat with us about your latest news and destination tips - we're waiting!  (Look for @AimeeBentson - our representative, and a creator on the Guidrr app). 

4. WITS gives creative women a platform and tools for success. Check out the event speaker list. It's full of women training other women on how to be better travel influencers and business owners. We can't wait to connect with, and learn from solo travel, women experts around the world. We're all in! Looking forward to hearing from Sherry of @Ottsworld and Brooke of @TheYogaTree and so many more authentic, inspirational women in travel from around the world. 

5. WITS, like Guidrr, considers travel content creators a key part the future of the industry. Peer creators are rising in importance for travel brands. Do you know that just 3% of consumers trust traditional destination advertising? And 70% of millennial travelers don't use anything other than peer sources to find inspiration for their trips? At Guidrr we're on a monetization mission to help the awesome bloggers at WITS - and other bloggers around the world, earn directly from their authentic knowledge and trip inspiration. 

See you in Irvine! #WITS16 is where many of the most authentic women travel influencers are gathering - and we're happy to be along for the ride, to meet them and learn from them. 

Look out for Aimee - and here's to #NewTravel! (ps: check out our app here) You can also request to join our creator platform here