The Creator Challenge!

We're so pleased to share that we're partnering with real creators around the world to launch Guidrr Contests, a new way to inspire more experiences created by real people. 

So much of how we travel and experience the world today is driven by big data - and while we appreciate the insights & information that's available in aggregate, it's often far from what we really seek when we do travel. Instead, we want to travel as if with a friend, to walk the world as if in their shoes. And, we want to have the kind of experiences we want to have, focused on the things we care about. No two journeys are alike. 

We're inspired by each of the Guidrr creators who's helping to launch a Guidrr contest - and can't wait to share how city and travel brands also will participate in this people-led journey to transform travel and local experiences. 

Have you met some of the creators inspiring contests today? 

Next week, we'll feature more on the Guidrr contests format, and share more creator-led challenges. Winners receive special prizes, recognition and the chance to have contest sponsored by brand partners. So - get creating at our platform. All you need is an Instagram handle to begin experimenting with the Guidrr format. 

To see how selected experiences look inside our app, take a peek here