T Minus 10: Sally's Challenge - Luxe HK in 5 Days

Enter Sally's HK Challenge Here: www.guidrr.com/the-challenge

Enter Sally's HK Challenge Here: www.guidrr.com/the-challenge

One of our own, Guidrr advisor and world traveler Sally, asked Guidrr to invite our global creator community to help her plan her first visit to Hong Kong. 

Seeking inspiration for her 5 day itinerary from those in the know happened after Sally first spent time online watching vidoes on YouTube, reading content on the Web, but still felt she didn't have the flow of her first visit quite planned out.

"I had lots of information and really wanted a bespoke guide and a true experience," she says. "Once I saw Jitin and Patrick's guide to 24 hours in Mumbai on the Guidrr app, I thought to myself .. I want something like that, for 5 days in HK!"

Today, we're so pleased to be releasing #SallysChallenge to the HK influencer community and inviting locals to create experiences on our platform. It's no small stakes: the winner will get $500! And, there's prizes for a few runners up, too. 

To learn more about #SallysChallenge and to enter, click here. The ten day countdown for submission has begun! 

Here's to #NewTravel and experiencing our world peer to peer! 

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