Our Meetup Travel Hacks & New Creators

The Guidrr team is busy prepping for its full launch Feb 4, 2016  - you heard it here first!

But as we're checking things off our launch list (including prepping some awesome new programs that we can't wait to share), we're also making sure to still stay connected to the spirit of #NewTravel.

One way we do that is to continue to run our local meetup group, now more than 300 members strong in Dallas alone. Phew! Our latest event featured digital nomad Kerranna Williamson - founder of vaga, a #workfromanywhere coworking concept, helping small businesses find space around the world.

Kerranna, a bone-fide digital nomad, used the event to share her own stories and travel and life hacks with our engaged local audience, that included some nomads who had spent time in Bali; tour guides; Guidrr creators; and many aspiring travelers seeking trips and tricks for how to do it better.

Kerranna, who Skyped in from Charleston for the meetup, which took place at coworking spot Nod in North Dallas, shared some great travel tips and hacks with us during the event, while attendees enjoyed pizza and conversation! 

Here's some of Kerranna's top tips: 

  • Finding ways to travel on someone else's dime. The examples she gave were that she worked early on as a handler for a student tour company, accompanying international students on trips. She used this as a way to fund her own travels to new countries. One of our attendees shared that early on in her career, she worked as a carrier to deliver international packages, a way to fund her own travel adventures. Now years later, she's retired and traveling again working for a women's tour company. (ps: Send us your tips at hello@guidrr.com) 
  • Finding project based work that includes international travel. Kerranna spent time in Lyon, (where she met Guidrr creator Sydney, by the way), and there developed relationships with companies that she still works with. Project check-ins happen virtually but every once in a while, she's on a plane for a new project kick off, courtesy a client in her scientific vertical. 
  • Staying longer in cities, to stay in more affordable, long-stay accomodations like Airbnbs. Kerranna shared her own hack for safely using finding free places to stay on Couchsurfing.org, a community where travelers can find locals to host them. She mentioned that as a single traveler, she would look for other women hosting travelers, her way of using Couchsurfing without the traditional concerns of sleeping on another person's couch! While she doesn't do this as much these days, it was a way she shared that she funded student travel and exploration. 
  • Finding an affordable & familiar home base. Contrary to the spirit of constant travel, Kerranna did mention it's useful to have a home base which is somewhere you can affordably stay longer-term, and build business contacts. That's why she chose Charleston as the base for vaga - her startup. This is the city where she grew up, she had a strong network of contacts and was able to launch her business via a local accelerator. 

Kerranna also talked about the incredible "travel high" that happens when she experiences new cultures, something that everyone in the travel-addict crowd could relate to!  Thanks for sharing your story Kerranna, and we look forward to featuring more nomad tips and tricks, and also featuring upcoming sessions on topics our crowd voted for, such as solo travel for women; and how to book at Airbnb! 

This week, we're happy to also welcome 3 new creators to our app - a big Guidrr welcome to Stephen; Debra and Courtney. Each bring a unique perspective to the app around their peer passions and interests. 

Check out a key experience from each of them below! 

  1. Debra's experience: Uptown to Downtown 
  2. Stephen experience: Locally-owned only tour through Oak Cliff
  3. Courtney's experience: Dallas Sunday Brunch Vegan Style