On Lisa, #NewTravel - and Our Coming Launch

This week, we wrap up app testing and ready for app store submission, while also prepping for conferences, meetups, and some exciting launch-related announcements coming soon.

These past few weeks, our team has been asked many questions about our process, product and business vision. This week's post seemed like a perfect place to share one part of our perspective, which isn't that of a traditional travel app or a mass travel solution. 

We exist to serve those with peer-to-peer knowledge, influencer and a travel experience to share. Unlike with mass travel, where magazines, web sites and large companies attempt to set one "perfect" pathway through a place, we believe that each and every one of us has a unique pathway, based on our own interests, preferences, and favorite things to do.

This was driven home when we spoke to Lisa Condie, an inspiring travel writer who moved to Italy solo, selling her home and taking a bold step to make travel her life - without knowing the outcome in advance. She shared how she was inspired by those who responded to her writing on her move, to start a boutique tour company that helps women over fifty travel solo to discover themselves. Called Find Yourself In Tuscany, the company is a result of Lisa's own journey to discover her life's purpose - and share it with others.

We met Lisa at our soft launch just last week, and she's beginning to create experiences for Guidrr in one of her personal favorite towns outside of Florence (we won't give the town away!). During a call with our team she asked the question: "Should I also be creating Florence experiences if I'm not the biggest influencer in the city?" Our answer: Of course! We discussed how Lisa's experiences were unique, and would appeal to those who already follow her journey of over-50 solo travel. Unlike mass travel, which attempts to set a single pathway, we believe in inspiring authentic creators to develop guides for every traveler, every city and every travel interest and need. (You can apply here if that vision inspires you).  

Now, instead of building her own app to serve her niche but loyal audience, Lisa's experiences can be shared and serve her audience, inside the Guidrr app -- which will aggregate peer to peer travel guides from influencers and travel micro-entrepreneurs like Lisa, around the globe. It's our vision that the Guidrr product and platform can help to support and grow Lisa's audience for Find Yourself In Tuscany, while also introducing new audiences to her fresh, honest and appealing travel perspective, voice and business solution. We continue to add more influencers to our global list each of whom has their own pathway to share, inspiring even more wanderlust. 

We look forward to your Guidrr guides, Lisa! Thanks for being a supporter and advocate. And thanks also for submitting your beautiful travel quote - we made it into an Instagram post and graphic, which we share below. Here's to #NewTravel! 

Thank you Lisa Condie of @FyiTuscany for submitting this beautiful travel quote. We couldn't agree more! 

Thank you Lisa Condie of @FyiTuscany for submitting this beautiful travel quote. We couldn't agree more!