Beautiful Firenze: Here We Come!

The Guidrr story comes full circle next week with an apertivo hour soft launch Weds Sept 9 in Florence, Italy (location to be announced soon!).

Not so very long ago, our founder set out on a mission to understand the gaps and opportunities for those who love to travel - and those who influence travel experiences. Rather than experiencing places as a tourist, she sought to live and get perspectives like a local - and along the way met a local blogger from Lost in Florence, Nardia - today one of the first members of Guidrr's growing creator community. She learned about the needs and gaps for local influencers, and the initial concept of Guidrr was both vetted and further grown. 

To celebrate our journey from an idea discussed over apertivos on a little artisan street called Via Santo Spirito, all the way to a full blown product, we are taking Guidrr back to its roots and introducing the company's #newtravel vision in Firenze, with Nardia as our local host. 

But it's not all travel and truffles at the Guidrr Dallas HQ this week. In fact, it's tech and testing that's got us busy. At our advisory board meeting, we'll take a big step this #TravelTuesday to do our final app sign off before sending off V1 to the app store for submission, filled with beautiful guides from creators around the country and the world. 

As of now, our creator community already spreads across 7 countries, and 4 continents. Not bad for a lean startup that opened its doors for business 3 months ago, with little more than a sketch on a napkin, but a wealth of insights from real travel people around the world.

All thanks goes to our amazing creator community - here's to you, and here's to #NewTravel.  

Florence, here we come! 

ps: There will be a number of excuses to drink cappuccinos at local creation coffees the same week. Sign up if you want to attend one in Florence, or your own city