Creation Coffees: A #NewTravel Hack for Guide Creation by Local Influencers

Since we blogged about our creator private platform launch last week, we've seen a lot of interest from locals in creating Guidrr guides to share what is awesome and beautiful about their city, their neighborhood, their public space. 

These inspiring #newtravel ambassadors are in line to have access to Guidrr, by way of local "creation coffees" where demo our platform and show aspiring creators how fun and easy it is to use.  Thanks to all those who attended our first coffee today -- your access is on its way. 

Can ever really a know a place -- even a city we call home -- until we see someone else's way of navigating it? Is it possible to navigate places as if we were walking in someone else's shoes? Those are the questions we are answering with our vision for Guidrr. 

If you are curious about how to create step-by-step guides on Guidrr, join our creation coffee mailing list, and we'll let you know when we're running one in your city or neighborhood! 

And sharing a fun update with our followers and friends -- we're off to New York City this fall to be at the Skift Future of Travel forum. A big thanks to the founders of Skift for extending a startup ticket to us -- Brooklyn and NYC here we come! NYC friends - save the date for our #NewTravel meetup in NYC (location to be announced) the same month and hope you can join us! 

A photo from our archives - NYC here we come! 

A photo from our archives - NYC here we come! 

ps: If you want to apply to create and share travel guides on Guidrr, click here!