Of Apps, Travel Hacks & Nomads: Community Pre Launch Inspiration for Our Team

Hello followers and friends: It's been a busy week here at Guidrr HQ. Not only did we launch our private creator platform this week, but also had the opportunity to demo our product to a tourism board who loved our simple, cost effective and peer to peer method for connecting local influencers with travelers and city visitors. For those in our creator community already submitting guides - thank you for our early belief in Guidrr and its solution for travel micro entrepreneurs. 

Meanwhile, on the app front, we're busy preparing to submit our app for approval - if you applied to create experiences and haven't yet heard from us, please be patient with us as we finish out our tech process this week. We'll be in touch - and you are in line! 

Among the technical progress, our first #newtravel meetup also happened last week. We had the chance to hear from Nomad Urvi Bhandari about how she combined work and life. She shared some insights about the stages of travel -- all the way from being a settler, to a traveler, to a true nomad and educated us about how to move along the spectrum toward true location independent life.

But she wasn't the only one who taught us something- it was all the other attendees, too. We were humbled by who shared their stories, from an Indian professional from a small town who has taken his love of motorbike exploration from home state, to across the state of Texas; to a local foodie chef who travels the world finding inspiring recipes and brings them back to his small hometown restaurant twenty miles from downtown. (A great spot to host an upcoming meetup!). Then, there were the many women in our group who dreamed of traveling solo or shared stories about their trips around the world. Each with stable jobs, but hungry for how to find the perfect recipe for inspiring, safe, affordable travel. We also had a few true travel hacking experts in the room - they already have found ways to game the fares and the locations using points, and other tricks and want to both share and learn more. Next time around, we think we'll be having a small group meal exploring a new neighborhood with our chef friend learning how to get a cheap airfare to a nomad-friendly destination. Join us at our online Meetup group (already more than 100 strong!) to see live events vs Periscope or to create a meetup group in your city. 

As our technical lead for Guidrr said the other day (his favorite place to go is Alaska, by the way), "I guess #NewTravel is a "thing."" Yep, it is - here's to NewTravel and here's to #wanderlust. 

(see you next week - and some fun visual notes from our meetup, below!)

Thanks to Christy, our Intern, who took live visual notes during our first #NewTravel meetup! 

Thanks to Christy, our Intern, who took live visual notes during our first #NewTravel meetup!