First #NewTravel Meetup Happening This #TravelTuesday

Travel is something many of us dream about (let's be honest - even obsess about), but who is already living the dream? Who is leading the way to #NewTravel - a life where work and leisure are not polar opposites, but all part of the same life story? 

To answer that question and build more ways for people to learn how to travel and experience the world peer-to-peer, we have launched a Meetup group. Its already at nearly 100 members, and tonight we host our first event in Dallas at a local coworking space - Nod, where our team also offices.

We're thrilled to see the response and engagement with this Meetup and promise to share out the content and learnings for those that couldn't make it in person. 

Urvi Bhandari, a bone fide nomad, will talk about how to travel and live like a nomad, sharing her travel hacks and life philosophy. We'll also share more about our vision to help people travel more. We're pleased to share that Urvi is also our newest Guidrr creator - we can't wait to see her guides to nomad life around the world. 

Our goal is to build #NewTravel meetups around the world. Do reach out to us here if you'd like to help us to build a world that's about owning less and doing more. 

Here's to #NewTravel!  

Urvi Bhandari is a bone fide nomad speaking at the first #NewTravel meetup