A Way-Cool Week & Hello Stew!

It all started with a vision: Guidrr is a way to help those with travel passion, influence and a story to tell reach new audiences and serve their #travel following. This past week, we saw that vision come to life when we were introduced to two of our newest content creators. 

Stew of StewRoss.com and Yooper Publications is an avid travel enthusiast. So much so, that he created a brand around Paris walking tours, that is already available on Amazon. With his gorgeous touring books, he has earned a following among those who buy coffee table travel guides. But for some time Stew's been wondering how to reach a new audience, the kind that wants travel content on-the-go. No more backpacks, Stew's now taking his popular travel series into the mobile world with Guidrr. We can't wait to share the stories of historical Paris that Stew has to tell. We don't want to give away too much of Stew's big reveal, but he's got more books coming - and they cover all sorts of mysterious (and sort of addictive) topics like the Knights Templar and Marie Antoinette. Things like: Where did they put that guillotine? We're not telling!

And, right here in the South (we do live in Texas, y'all), there's our new friends at The Wayfarer Study, a cool and hip travel brand invented by two friends - Jamaal and Shep. When they first traveled abroad as young African Americans, they found that friends flocked to their content and wanted more. "Our generation travels, while our parents didn't. People wanted to learn how we did it," shared Jamaal about this aspirational and awesome travel brand. Beyond offering travel advice, the duo has moved into art, music and other travel tips and inspiration. It's way-cool (sorry, the pun was intended!). In the story of Jamaal and Shep. we see and share the story of #newtravel. It just isn't your parents' travel. It's travel as a new way of life. 

Here's to #newtravel! And, welcome Jamaal, Shep and Stew!