The Story Behind Our #DreamExperience Challenge

Our #DreamExperience challenge connects travelers with a desire to have a unique travel experience, to a real travel person - like a local instagrammer or blogger - that can help fulfill it. It's been so much fun for us. Our very first challenge came from Andy in Austin. He challenged us to find him natural, outdoor self-guided experiences in Reykjavik, Iceland, where's traveling later this summer. 

Because Guidrr is about real people and their travel guidance, it isn't about focusing on the same old "top-ten" list for tourists. To help Andy, we discovered Kaelene, a blogger and instagrammer originally from Oregon, who moved to Iceland and started blogging about unique, hard-to-find experiences to cheer herself up during her first, long, Icelandic winter. Some of the things she discovered and shares, aren't just new to tourists but also other locals in Iceland.  

Kaelene's Instagram account and blog are a visual treat for those who want off-the-beaten track natural, outdoor experiences. Not only will Andy will get his step by step Reykjavik self-guided experience for free when our app launches later this summer - we're also hoping he and Kaelene also make a real, peer-to-peer connection when he visits. 

Why not challenge us with a #dreamexperience you have always wanted to take with us? Perhaps we could bring it to life for you and enrich your next trip. 

"I so enjoyed discovering Kaelene's beautiful perspective and unique view on Iceland, and speaking to her to ask her if she was willing to answer Andy's challenge," says Aassia Haq, founder of Guidrr. "Now, I can't wait to add Reykjavik to my own travel list. I'm excited to see Kaelene's self-guided experience, and to share it with others can benefit from Andy's original challenge."