Oh What a Week It's Been!

When you are readying as a team to launch something new, and different, time isn't just spent on product features, it's also spent on conversations. 

We've had just such a week of conversations - both in person and online at our Instagram - and what a fun week it's been, with a huge jump in followers and conversations with the global community of #newtravel micro-entrepreneurs. 

We've talked with Airbnb hosts, interested in using Guidrr to promote their neighborhood and discovery of their properties. There are in places like Lyon and Seattle - showcasing how universal the needs of the #newtravel industry are. 

We've talked with travel authors, who were struggling to identify how to take their walking tour content to new millennial audiences and into the App Store world, and who are ready and waiting for Guidrr's app launch. In one author's words, "I have lots of content to create - I'm intrigued by how you solve my problems. And, I don't have or want to deal with tech - so I like that I don't need tech skills to make this happen for my publishing business."

More conversations occur every day with bloggers, and we welcomed many new applicants this week, from places as far-flung as Ireland, and Brazil, to name just two. Through reading about our story and through the voices of other bloggers who are talking about us, they reached out and shared kudos and excitement. Thank you! 

We had a long post from a writer and software engineer in Toronto. She said, "I would love to share how I experience Toronto and how there's more to the city than the CN Tower, Nathan Philips Center and the Zoo." She shared a series of ideas on our Instagram and intends to apply to create experiences. 

Probably the highlight of our week was this beautiful postcard from Firenze. Written by a content creator in that city, it shares the story of how Guidrr can help bloggers and instagrammers succeed and grow their business. Thanks Nardia and hope you are enjoying #Sicilying! 

Our team is off this weekend for a quick tour of Mexico City. Our process is to first see, smell, hear and feel the city. Only then do we try to serve its micro-entrepreneurs. So, we're off to eat some great local street food, and take it all in. Follow along on our Instagram account and Twitter @Guidrr. 

Here's to #NewTravel!

Here's a snippet of a lovely conversation happening on Instagram about Guidrr. We love to see this happen! 

Here's a snippet of a lovely conversation happening on Instagram about Guidrr. We love to see this happen!