Guidrr is for #NewTravel

In this first post, we're sharing our travel world view -- our desire to serve what we call #NewTravel: 

  • Travel has changed - it's not about that once-in-a-lifetime trip, that cruise or climb up the Tower. It's now become a lifestyle and it's a lifestyle that many of us want to live everyday. It's also one that many of us are willing to abandon some of the weight of physical ownership to experience. Less house, less car, less stuff -- and more time to experience. 
  • Rather than just moving people, we believe the future of travel is about serving its micro-entrepreneurs, emerging new local, digital influencers that will shape how people experience trips (that's you bloggers, #igers, P2P hosts, guides, chefs, artisans, street artists, writers, photographers, drivers -- real travel people with a following)
  • We are being liberated from a world in which work is tied to a desk. In fact we are not too far from a future in which the majority of us will be self-employed. We are creative, interesting people who believe that being a bit of a nomad isn't such a bad thing. In fact, this may be the thing we strive for the most, the thing that brings meaning to our work day. We want to meet interesting people, grow our community, and enjoy unique experiences that can only happen when work isn't a chain, but rather a rope we use to climb to our next life adventure. 
  • In this brave new world, travel can happen even without a passport, even without a visa and even with more dash than cash (though we still hope more of the world can hop on a plane, train or automobile and actually go somewhere). Somewhere may be a experience in your own city otherwise inaccessible to you, or an experience offered by someone you discovered in a far-flung part of the world. 
  • Travel is all about being mobile, so #NewTravel is about how we can put more of the world in our pocket in a way that's built for the purpose of experiencing everyday. 

At the end of the day, our sole promise to you is that Guidrr exists to serve & share the world as it is seen by #NewTravel. We serve the local influencer who shapes how we experience destinations. And we serve the curious traveler who wants not to just check the box, but to actually discover.

Let's do this together. Let's do this no matter what our language, country of origin, or interest. Let's discover, create, experience and share this world together, peer to peer. 

Deep breath. The travel journey has begun.