A Gift

Happy Holidays followers and friends. 

It's been a whirlwind, lean startup year for the Guidrr team. For those who have followed our startup journey, you know that we announced in May, built all summer, and phased a launch of our platform and app over the fall. 

By December, we not only had a live product with active creators from around the world, starting to share their self-guiding experiences - but also recognition from important technology sites that feature new startups with promise and a vision, like Product Hunt.

The latest comes from KillerStartups.com - who gave us the best holiday gift with the recognition of "Startup of the Day" on December 21st. 

It's our turn to gift something to our followers and friends, as a way of saying thanks for being there right at the start. Starting today, through January 5, 2016, our in-app experiences will be free, with our creators sharing back hundreds in value to those in-the-know about Guidrr. 

Whether it's simple curiosity, a trip you are planning, a desire to be a creator yourself, this is a great opportunity that comes to you from our creator community. In turn, do share back your testimonials and thanks with them from their guide thank you pages and ideas for more content you'd like to see from them. 

Thanks for helping to support our #newtravel vision. 

Happy Holidays and Here's to #NewTravel!

(ps: You may want to see this Medium post from our founder called "Founders Want this for the Holidays").