Reflections: A Travel Post That Is Resonating

In the last few weeks, we noticed that one of our #TravelTuesday quotes (we run this series each week), is really resonating with those who come across it online. Its already generated so many comments, and even it's own quote trail, with others adding their travel and inspiration quotes to the comment chain. 

There is no doubt we are living in troubled times. Recent events around the world have generated fear and reduced many travelers' sense of hope and optimism, and the media is perhaps feeding that frenzy with more stories of hatred, disrespect and bigotry. 

But those of us that travel know something very important. Truth and perspective lies in travel. Precisely by moving - walking, (just to another neighborhood alone is enough), biking, hiking, kayaking, flying, driving and taking a train - we gain opportunities for knowledge and transformation. It is through travels that the author of this quote, naturalist and explorer Alexandar Von Humboldt, birthed much of modern biogeography. He left home in 1799 for a five-year Latin American expedition that led him to places as far-flung as Tenerife, Cumana, Caracas, Cartagena and Mexico City - nothing like his Prussian Berlin home.  

He joins many modern explorers, who have chosen to live a life of travel, as nomads and location independent workers. They are at the cutting edge of our future, whether they are based in Chang Mai, Kyoto, Santiago, or really anywhere that supports a culture of combining life, work and travel. 

It's more important than ever that we discover and reward these voices. That we reward the pioneers who are creating a peer to peer way of viewing and discovering our world.

Let's be honest, these days, we encounter stories that can horrify, and also responses that can disappoint. Let's counter all this ugliness with hope. There's a simple answer: travel & experiences. 

Here's to #NewTravel!