A December to Remember

Tonight, the Guidrr team and founder will present at the Launch DFW's Dallas New Tech holiday edition, sharing the Guidrr story with the local startup community. We're happy to be sharing the stage with many other local startups, and for this post, thought it was apt to reflect a little more on our own startup journey, taking you with us on our lean startup adventure that spans around the globe.

For those who read this as aspiring entrepreneurs, we hope there are lessons. For fellow entrepreneurs and startup teams, you'll find the familiar themes here:

  • First, the journey is long and winding
  • Secondly, that it takes you places and connects you to people you never thought you'd meet
  • And third, the precious moments are the ones where the team discovers, changes and evolves to build the product that's needed, and solves a real problem for others that aren't inside their circle of influence, to create real revenue

First revenue is the milestone we experienced last week, a huge moment for any startup. Thank you for sharing in our story, and for the messages of support, and feedback we've received. Our journey isn't over, in fact it's just begun with our app launch. Our full launch is December 8, so look out for next week's post - to be the first to hear the news. 

As we enter a time where many of us reflect and prepare for the new year, here's our own travel and startup journey. In a time where travel is under threat from fear, perhaps its even more important to share this. We hope you enjoy it! 

Idea: October 2014

Guidrr was first validated with a conversation that took place between our founder @aassiaharoonhaq and a local Florence blogger, who met at an a small apertivo spot in Via Santo Spirito on the Oltrarno side of the arno River. It's our "back of the napkin" moment. 

Team: January 2015

As our founder connected with local entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem members at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, a sense of team began to build. A DFW advisory board helped "hack storm" our concept into existence by defining the MVP at a meeting that took place early the following winter. Key resources began to follow. 

Technology: April 2015

A local accelerator, Collide Village, approached with a request to become the first member of a new on-demand acceleration concept - Co-Build and in April, a customer and product development journey began alongside platform and app development to build a Swift iPhone app and a propreitary platform for experience-creation. 

Travel: May 2015 - and Onward! 

Members of our extended team traveled to Paris for OuishareFest 2015, presenting Guidrr to an international audience in the sharing economy and collaborative consumption space, followed by additional trips to Mexico City, Spain and France - where we met local travel micro-entrepreneurs to vet our product and business opportunity. 

Traction: June & Beyond 2015 

Applicants began to come in from around the world, even before the product was ready - and we built a weekly newsletter for our customers, calling them 'creators'. By August, our platform was ready for primetime, and we had a global creator community from multiple countries, across continents. 

Soft Launch: Sept-November 2015

We staged our launch from September to November - starting with our platform for experience-creation; a thank you visit with influencers in Florence hosted by Nardia; and a soft app launch for our creators and friends November 17. This was the same week we were also hunted by Product Hunt as a new technology from a female founder. Together, these milestone events helped us to define the path forward, and to make changes to make tweaks to both our product and design, none of which would have been possible had we not started the conversation some time ago. 

Launch: Coming Soon! Happy Holidays

Tonight, we'll enjoy a holiday startup event with local friends at Launch DFW - and preview the messages that will be part of our full launch press. If you're a Dallasite, we hope to see you there! If not, follow along on Twitter @Guidrr or use the hashtag #guidrrlaunch. Learn more about us and sign up for our #NewTravel newsletter, to be informed of our launch and special launch holiday offers here. Or, simply visit and download our app from here

Here's to #NewTravel - and to more entrepreneurship journeys!

ps: Thanks @ChicagoGupta, for interviewing our founder in advance of the event. Read the interview here