Getting Out of the Building

Guidrr announced our launch and participation in the Collide Cobuild lean acceleration and product development program earlier this summer. Since then, we've rapidly built a platform, developed and approved an app and far more importantly, started to build a real customer base around serving travel influencers like bloggers, instagrammers, peer-to-peer guides and more.

We did this by embracing a simple philosophy - getting out of the building, literally getting on planes, trains & into automobiles, to hear from our travel influencer customer what their pain points are, and how we can help. 

This week, we're pleased to share we are adding two key new feature updates to our private guide-creation platform, just in time for our app launch. Together, we believe these two changes will further accelerate and unlock the potential for our service to change the industry and we can take no credit. The feedback that led to these updates came directly from our customer base across 7 countries and 4 continents. 

This week, we also introduced our 5 Key Creator Principles - our short-cut to our legal Terms of Use. It is our way of showcasing our philosophy and being transparent about what Guidrr is and how it's different from traditional travel solutions, by design. 

Together, these two steps show our growing community that we mean business when it comes to our vision of growing #newtravel - one creator at a time. 

Around us, the startup market in which we operate obsesses about unicorns they can grow and exit, but along the way, these peer-to-peer companies often forget what put them in business in the first place. The hustle, passion and influence of micro-entrepreneurs. The real problem - the problem worth solving - is how to turn peer influencers into businesses that thrive, and become the new gatekeepers to the $1.4 trillion travel industry. 

Is that a bold, clear vision or simply a distortion of reality? Well, how about both? This #TravelTuesday quote submitted to us by adventure travel blogger and influencer @MappingMegan, is a great example of how travel is all about perspective and that when we see these multiple realities - we can make meaningful change. Thanks for sharing the quote, Megan and hope you like the way we showcased it! 

Happy #TravelTuesday creators and friends - and here's to growing #newtravel together!