5 Ways Guidrr is Giving Thanks

Last week, we celebrated our soft launch with our local creators and community, and also presented at the local @1MillionCupsDAL entrepreneurship breakfast. At both events, we were grateful for the community's excitement, words of encouragement, ideas and the number of new applications to join the creator community. 

In honor of Thanksgiving week in the U.S., also week 1 of being live in the App store, we're counting down the 5 things we're giving thanks for. 

5. We're Thankful to Product Hunt for Picking Up our App - Just 24 hours after app launch, Guidrr was invited to Product Hunt. We're thankful to @CorleyH for inviting us to this lively community of innovators, product thinkers, and startup evangelists, led by @rrhoover. Guidrr's app was added to a list of products created by female founders and is already generating lively dialogue on the Product Hunt community. We invite you to join us there, learn about our vision, and share on our news to others. 


4. We're Thankful To Our Hundreds of Initial Users - Within a few days of going live, we're already seeing downloads, and direct feedback from the user base. This is far more than we could have asked for in a soft launch, holiday week. We're listening and evolving - and fixing the minor things that need fixing as we put version 1 into the market. Keep on sharing those ideas, it's how we will build a better solution for enabling peer to peer influencers to become the new gatekeepers to the industry. #NewTravel is about you. 

3. We're Thankful to Our Supporters & Enablers. Guidrr first made it's way into market with the help of a local startup "hack storming" team who met at Nod, our local coworking space, earlier this year, to refine and put some product definition around the concept. This team has stuck with us through the journey, and were there with us to celebrate our launch. Thanks to our awesome acting CTO Cristiano and the Collide Co-Build team, and to our advisory board team that includes Bentley, Christy, David, Nick, Sejal, Baiju, Melissa, and Dev & Chirag (not pictured). No startup goes very far without the encouragement and support of others, and we appreciate you! 

2. We're Thankful to Coworking & Colliding: Our founder, @aassiaharoonhaq, first met many of those who helped bring Guidrr to life at local entrepreneurship and coworking spaces, like the @theDECTX and @TreehouseTX. Interacting with local entrepreneurs like Tahir Hussain of Collide Village helped her frame the lean startup go-to-market product approach for Guidrr, and create the enabling partnerships that will help Guidrr take it's place at the disruptive point in the travel industry. Even before Guidrr was launched, Aassia's thought leadership on the on-demand platform space was featured in her keynote at a travel tech industry event for Thayer Ventures, a venture firm based in San Francisco and Dallas. To all those at the event who were curious about Aassia's own startup pursuits (the company was still mostly in stealth mode during that event and were still using a temporary logo), now's the time to check us out! 


1. Most of All, We're Thankful to our Creators: No business goes very far without serving those who make us successful in the first place, our founding creators, the ones with the real problem worth solving. All influencers in the emerging peer to peer travel space, these inspiring travel experts live around the world, and have diverse interests when it comes to travel inspiration. But each share a commitment to being innovative, trying new products and services, and co-building. We appreciate you - and it's your voice that we listen to first. Happy Thanksgiving creators and friends. Thank them by downloading our app for the last week that experiences are free before we turn on our market pricing and launch PR. 

Here's to #NewTravel.