Where's the Party?

On November 17, our team will throw a soft launch party at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center during Global Entrepreneurship Week, to celebrate Guidrr's app launching in the App store. 

And you're invited. 

Please RSVP here if you would like the chance to view the product before the public PR goes live, hear about our startup story, and join our team in a happy hour celebration of a lean startup journey. We'll have door prizes, international foods, and a beautiful vision of the future of global travel to share.  

For those who have been following Guidrr online, you know we announced our business in May, and set out to forever change the world's biggest industry with a simple idea: that peer to peer #NewTravel is the future

Fast forward to today, and we're proud to have built a platform for digital influencers to create and share on-demand experiences for their followers, and the world to discover. These experiences, which are sold by creators in the App store using Guidrr as their partner, enable travelers around the world to gain authentic, local, off the beaten path experiences, as if traveling with a friend. It's been an intense, action-packed journey around the world to develop Guidrr's business premise and it's solution. This next step isn't the end of a journey. It's just the beginning.

So, Here's to #NewTravel and here's to our awesome community of supporters and creators around the city, the country and the world. Let's party!