We're Celebrating! And Prepping!

When we first announced the prelaunch of Guidrr in May, our founder @aassiaharoonhaq tweeted this out and began engaging with travel influencers around the country and the world - to tell a story about our business and its vision for championing #NewTravel. 

Today, we are happy to share a wonderful milestone for our team - the approval of our Apple app by the Appstore - news many in our creator community have been waiting for. You heard it here first! 

As you can imagine .. It's a little busy around here at Guidrr HQ - in all the right ways! 

Next week, we will share just how we'll approach our app launch. We've thought long and hard about how we're a different travel business model, a different travel app.

We'll try to reflect that in how we launch and how we grow. One creator at a time. 

So here's to #NewTravel - and changing the world's biggest industry for the better.