5 Things About Guidrr & the Future of Travel

As we get ready to attend the kickoff of the Skift Future of Travel forum in New York City, there's been a lot of internal discussion among our team around the question - what do we stand for? The reason that matters so much to us is that we don't aspire to be just another app, or just another travel company. Our visions are far, far bigger than the exact size of our travel boots right now. Perhaps they always will be. 

As we hit go on the clock for approval by the App store, it seems like the perfect opportunity to share a little of what we care about and stand for. 

One, authenticity. Our creators join us because they create quality content that's original in thought and perspective. They aren't trying to build content for everyone - but rather content for someone - a real traveler or local who wants and can benefit from their unique travel perspective. Using our platform, their knowledge turns into a valuable product worth paying for and becomes an affordable, turn-key way for them to offer on-demand knowledge to the global market. And for curious travelers to consume it. 

Two, directly rewarding the creator - the micro-entrepreneur. Rather than trying to build a blockbuster app where we're the editor, curator and sharer of a content farm, we're all about giving the reins to those who are the real holders of travel knowledge and influence - people in every language, around the world, sharing because they care. We succeed every time they do, not just when one product hits a home run. 

Three, being transparent. We share our pricing and format openly with creators, so they can see how it's possible - and in fact, smart - to start turning peer influence more directly into earned income. Avoiding reliance on a brand sponsorship and ad model in favor of an in-app purchase model is our way to show not tell how influencers can become a new gatekeeper to travel purchase, with Guidrr as their platform partner. 

Fourth, proving it's not just technology first, but also people first. We strive to connect creators with each other via private channels like our newsletter, make introductions and help make each creator more successful, as a part of Guidrr. This way, we all win. Our best way to do this is by listening hard to creator feedback on our platform and app, and striving to make things better, one step at a time. We don't like to over-build, because our tech philosophy is feature-light and purpose-built to do a few things well, not a lot of things poorly. (But, build we will .. our pipeline is already full of useful beautiful ideas and features submitted by creators). 

Fifth & most importantly - no Freemiums. It's time those with valuable knowledge and information to share - those who take the effort to package it ion something beautiful and timeless - are able to earn a reward for their efforts and their daily hustle. Each time a creator posts, each time they write a blog post or put another freemium into the market, we also believe they should create products worth paying for. Because we believe in #NewTravel - where micro-entrepreneurs with influence can be the future gatekeepers of travel, even beyond it's content. 

So here's to #NewTravel and here's to an awesome week in NYC with the people of Skift. Thanks for extending us a startup ticket to learn, listen and share! See you this evening.