Guidrr offers four subscription levels to destination brands and marketers

  1. Free: One experience is always free to create and house on the platform. Best suited for trial and casual creators.   

  2. Basic: $99/yr Unlimited experiences and a private channel on the app. Email account support 8-5 pm. US CST. Best suited for influencers and micro brands (and also available to qualifying not-for-profits).

  3. Premium: $999/yr Unlimited experiences and a private channel. Onboarding/ help with creating the first experience, tutorials. Phone & email account support 8-5 pm US CST. Best suited for small and local brands. 

  4. Pro: Pricing Upon Request Unlimited experiences and a private channel plus custom distribution to other channels. Onboarding/ help with experience creation; in-person tutorials. Dedicated phone & email account support 24/7. Best suited for global brands and tourism organizations. 

At the Premium and Pro level, Guidrr also offers additional premium services including learning seminars & training; custom content creation & distribution; and program design & analysis. These are available a la carte upon request and are priced client by client. 

Basic Subscription (Annual)

Online payment for Premium subscriptions coming soon. To make payments on Premium & Pro accounts or to set up new contracts, contact us directly at