Stew Ross is a Nashville-based travel writer and blogger who produces unique, deeply-researched historical walking experiences in Paris and beyond. Stew and his wife Sandy are recent retirees who have built a lifestyle business around helping travelers experience the deeper layers of classic tourism cities like Paris and Versaille. This intelligent, erudite husband-and-wife team choicefully partner with hospitality and tourism brands that speak to their common, affluent and educated audience.  


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  2. Request information on longer-term sponsorships, channel sponsorship or co-creating custom experiences with Stew, leveraging his personal Web site and brand; Yooper Publications, LLC. (his book publishing concern) as well his @StewRossTravel online influencer brand.  


It's easy to sponsor Stew's individual experiences for 7 or 30 day periods, which can be renewed. 

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Is your brand in the experience economy? So much more than a blog post or tweet, Guidrr experiences are deeply engaging, multi-step journeys that brands and influencers who have common interests and audiences, can build together. Work directly with Stephen to see the benefits of moving beyond the post and tweet, to really tell an authentic, peer story that engages your audience. 

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