Stephen is a young Dallas-based influencer who creates authentic peer content around local and regional travel experiences on the Guidrr app.  He's an entrepreneur who cares about promoting small business, artisan, coffee, startup and short-term discovery travel experiences. 


  1. Instantly sponsor Stephen's existing Guidrr experiences for 7 or 30 days (reneweable after each sponsorship period) using the payment link below - your brand logo and call to action will be shown in existing guides.
    • First time sponsors, please allow a 48 hour period for your sponsorships to go live. Don't worry - this period does not count toward your 7 day or 30 day sponsorships. 
  2. Request information on longer-term sponsorships, channel sponsorship or co-creating custom experiences with Stephen, leveraging his personal brand and his @1DayTrips brand.  


It's easy to sponsor Stephen's individual experiences for 7 or 30 day periods, which can be renewed. 

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Is your brand in the experience economy? So much more than a blog post or tweet, Guidrr experiences are deeply engaging, multi-step journeys that brands and influencers who have common interests and audiences, can build together. Work directly with Stephen to see the benefits of moving beyond the post and tweet, to really tell an authentic, peer story that engages your audience. 

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If you'd prefer to talk in person, we can be reached 9 am- 5 pm CST at: 1-888-600-0746 x2 or via email at: