Downtown Dallas, Inc. 

5 SIMPLE tips to start CREATing! 

Here's a few simple tips to get started creating your first experience. You can create and submit as many as you'd like -- all entries will be considered that are received before August 8, 2016. Don't worry if you are experimenting with creation - experiences never go live without your approval and full review from the Guidrr, Inc. team. And, it's easy to edit & update experiences along the way - even when they are live on the app! 


Step 1: Log on to begin creating at: and accept the terms on first visit. 

In order to create you must have an Instagram account with a public setting. Tip: Log out of Instagram on your computer before first log in to the creation platform. 

Step 2: Title & Describe Your Experience (don't worry, it's easily editable) 

This key section acts as a "cover" for your experience inside the Guidrr app and on the DDI Web site. It lets a user quickly discover if the experience is right for them.

  • It always include a cover photo, which you can pull from your own connected Instagram account, or also as upload from your computer (ps: you can also include a short video pulled from your Instagram as part of your cover!) 
  • Location (Always type in Dallas, Texas)
  • Duration (a checkbox of options from 4 hours up to 1 week)
  • Best For (A button list where you can pick up to 3 choices of audiences like family, single, couple, etc.)
  • Open-ended key words about your experience like .. "foodie" "deep ellum" "art" etc. (you can type in up to 5, press 'return' after each keyword)
  • A written description. The description should explain why you created the experience and who it's great for and get someone excited about walking the city as if in your boots. After all, we experience cities best when we walk them as if with a local friend.

Tip: Once you complete this information, click "save" and it will take you to the next stage - creating the actual Guidrr experience steps. 

Step 3: Create your steps (as few as 4, as many as 15). 

Typically, experiences average 6 to 8 steps - and either are sequential stops along a self-guided journey or a set of stops around a topic of idea (e.g. favorite places for .. ). The format is flexible to help you design and share the experiences you enjoy most in the districts of Downtown Dallas! Each step includes a map point which can be auto-pulled from Google using our creation platform. 

Tip: Once you are completed with the first four steps look for the blue "add a step" bar to add more. You can also delete steps -- and coming soon, re-order steps if you decide to change the flow of your experience! 

Step 4Say Thank You! 

It's great to share a picture of yourself on the thank you page, and identify why you created the experience. It's also fine to link to other things you do (like your blog, Instagram account or business page). You may want to say why you're passionate about Dallas as a city and what issues you care about - you're the voice of Dallas locals! 

Step 5Submit! 

Use the black "Submit" button located in the top right hand corner of your creation page to submit experiences for review. All experiences submitted will automatically be considered for the contest, and also for the Guidrr app. Once submitted, you can also request that we release an experience back to you for editing - in case you decide to make a change. 

Q: Which Districts Can I Feature?
Uptown. Design District. Victory Park. Riverfront. Baylor. Deep Ellum. Dallas Arts District.
West End Historic District. Thanksgiving. Main St. Reunion. Dallas Farmer's Market. Civic Center. The Cedars. South Side. 
Q: Are there Categories for Experience Submission?
DDI is seeking content in these categories: EAT | RELAX | RUFF IT | FAMILY | CHEER | WEEKEND - Winners will be featured on the DDI Web Site under their "Live Like a Local" section this fall
Q: Can I get help with experience creation?
The Guidrr team is happy to schedule a call or coffee with creators - simply email us at to request time!