It's a way for every one of us to be an ambassador for destinations. With Guidrr, anyone can create & share beautiful, mobile-first travel guides and itineraries and share them with the world. 

We're popular with travel bloggers, writers, and destination influencers who use our platform to build and share inspirational & authentic experiences.

What makes a great guidrr creator?

It's not just what you're called (blogger, instagrammer, writer), or the size of your earned following (1K or 1M) - it's the sincerity of your perspective and the depth of your peer influence.

Guidrr welcomes creators who share because they care about how others navigate and experience places, and who are trusted for their knowledge, passion and experience by their own community of peers.

We help these #newtravel ambassadors create and share mobile, step-by-step travel experiences shared on the Guidrr app in the Appstore, earning them exposure, follower engagement and the opportunity to partner with destination brands. 

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