Our company helps solve a very real problem for destination marketers and influencers - how to more easily create beautiful destination content that connects, engages, guides and inspires travelers.

Through us, destination influencers and brands can reach their followers in any language, location and niche of their choosing. 


Guidrr is a marketing technology built to support travel content creators, with key features that make destination content creation so much easier, including photography, video, map points, and social sharing capabilities. Learn more about our platform here

Creating a way to share self-guided experiences with my readers has been on my to-do list for years. But it’s important to do it right and produce a quality product. The Guidrr platform and app helps me solve these problems providing an easy way to share my knowledge. It’s fantastic!”
— Nardia Plumridge, Owner, Lost in Florence (www.lostinflorence.it)