Together with our community, we have set out to change how travel influencers value and are rewarded for their knowledge and expertise. As we work to uphold our #NewTravel vision and mission, we also ask creators to uphold to our community’s 5 Key Principles. Creators agree to Guidrr's Terms of Use in order to access our online Guide-creation Service.

1.    Authenticity, Honesty & Transparency - Guidrr is a PLATFORM AND SERVICE for real people who have travel knowledge and experiences to share. We call them ‘Creators.’

a.     By joining the platform, you attest you are a real person who is the original creator and owner of your content and that it represents your knowledge, perspective and voice

b.     You also attest that you aren’t reusing content or using Guidrr to resell the work of others

c.      And, you attest that you are using your own Instagram account and not representing yourself falsely on the platform

2.    Originality, Creativity & Ownership - Guidrr is a platform to showcase the beauty of our world via the unique peer-to-peer knowledge of real people. We showcases original guides produced by approved creators who own their words, images and voice.  

a.     You make an effort to produce quality content that you are proud of sharing & actively share it on with your community of followers, and the world

b.     You attest that you own or have permission to share the content (including photos/videos/writing, etc). you are publishing for sale on the platform and aren’t sharing content you don’t have permission to use

c.      You indemnify us and hold us harmless from any concerns arising from claims that you use content that is not your own or that you don’t have permission to use.

d.     Guidrr attempts to review all content as a free service to creators, but does not take responsibility for errors, omissions, etc – these are the responsibility of the creator.

3.    No Phishing & Farming: Creators agree not to use the platform to as a farm to create content and then attempt to sell it in the same form elsewhere - there is no export capability for Guides. They also agree not to become a Creator for the sole purpose of connecting with and gaining access to others in the community.

a.     You respect others in the community and value their privacy

b.     You agree not to share private information with others in a public manner

c.      You join the Service and receive access to the community with the intention of producing Guides and not for other marketing or business development purposes

4.    Awareness & Agreement: You agree to be aware of the Terms of Use and requirements for access to Guidrr’s platform and to abide by our community principles.

a.     You agree to the terms of use for creators each time you log in to the platform

b.     If you do not agree to the terms, your content will not be published in the app store and in the future, it may not be possible to access the platform

5.    Fair & Open Pricing: Guidrr enables creators to be in control of their income-generation potential by allowing them to set a price for each guide, and to request change to the price in the future. Creators will receive payment for sold guides against a set payment schedule.

a.     Creators receive 50% of the price of each sold guide, less any applicable transfer fees or additional taxes beyond the amount covered by the App store fee.

b.     30% of each guide price is paid to the Appstore by Guidrr, as a Service on behalf of Creators selling Guides on the App

c. 20% is retained by Guidrr, Inc. as its Service fee