Tapping into the power of influencer content marketing

Our travel experiences can shape the trips of those around us - influence is a key to how travel is booked and inspired. Today’s travelers expect mobile-friendly, engaging content that they can use pre-trip or on the go.

Brands want to tap into the market of influence in a creative and authentic way - but need a partner to make that happen the right way.

As a communications expert, a career brand marketer and longtime CMO, I made Guidrr as a content marketing solution to help brands and influencers work better together.

We engage with brands to help co-ideate and create inspirational content and to partner with the right influencers to build and launch beautiful, mobile-first, social-ready travel guides. Our goal is to help brands build content that is relevant, useful, authentic and beautiful to the brand’s target end-user.

Visit my own Guides page to see how a built Guidrr guide is experienced by an end-user.

Isn’t it time your brand built some Guidrr guides, too?

Aassia Haq, Founder

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A cool city overview by Jitin and Patrick @oharaniluxe   



An urban luxe weekend guide from our founder @travelswithaassia



Curated Vila Madelena, by influencer @gaiapassarelli

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Live Like a Local

The Downtown Dallas, Inc. brand asked Guidrr to improve it's user-generated mobile content around downtown experiences. Guidrr powers DDI's Live Like a Local page with content from a series of local influencers.

These include food, fashion, lifestyle and fitness bloggers who share their versions of #mydtd.

See the program here

Cover 7 Days in Magical Morocco.jpg

Experience 7 Days in Magical Morocco

Our founder built this guide to 7 Days in Fes, Tangiers to share with family and friends, to inspire more visits. See it here

24 Hours in Mumbai

Boutique travel agency @OHaraniLuxe made this guide to Mumbai to inspire more affluent travelers to visit amazing India. See it here


Behind the Scenes

Learn more about our founder and some of the world-class advisors that helped her to bring the product to life here